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De Islam voor Ongelovigen
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De verkiezingen in India
Wahi: the Supernatural Basis of Islam


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Sri Aurobindo
“India of the ages is not dead nor has she spoken her last creative word; she lives and has still something to do for herself and the human peoples. And that which must seek now to awake is not an anglicised oriental people, docile pupil of the West and doomed to repeat the cycle of the occident's success and failure, but still the ancient immemorable Shakti recovering her deepest self, lifting her head higher towards the supreme source of light and strength and turning to discover the complete meaning and a vaster form of her Dharma” ...more
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Koenraad Elst
Paki Come Home ! Message to the British Muslims of South-Asian origin
After the timely folding of yet another Islamic terror plot, the public’s attention is focused once more on the “Paki problem”. Over twenty Muslims have been arrested in connection with the alleged discovery of preparations to blow up a set of airplanes on trans-Atlantic flights starting from London Heathrow. They are mostly holders of British citizenship, born in Britain though of South-Asian origin, and from well-settled families.

The religion of the Nazis
Contemporary historians, along with novelists and filmmakers, just can’t get enough of Nazi Germany. Scholars of religion too are now frequently zooming in on this subject, though often with more polemical than scholarly purposes.

Disowning Golwalkar’s We
The year of our Lord 2006 is Golwalkar year. To celebrate the 100th birth anniversary of “Guruji” Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar, the second sarsanghchalak (“chief guide of the association”) of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (“National Volunteer Association”), his organization and its network of affiliates have arranged for a great many commemoration events.

Arun Shourie writes on THE NEW INDIA
Before the whining drowns it out, listen to the new India
It's not just a country of snake-charmers, it's a country against which protectionist walls have to be erected. Of course, we can also charm snakes.

When sky is the limit
It turns out that Indian professionals - have played a crucial role in transforming the LTCB they are the ones who have completely re-engineered the bank's processes, they are the ones who have reorganised the bank's operations around a completely new, modern business model.
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Sita Ram Goel
Published By Voice of India
New Delhi, India

  De Islam voor Ongelovigen
koenraad Elst
"Zo las ik een paar dagen nadat de Japanse vertal er van De Duivels verzen was vermoord (...) dit uittreksel uit de Koran : 'Als de heilige maanden voorbij zijn, dood dan de ongelovigen waar ge ze maar vinden kunt, grijp ze, breng ze in het nauw en lok ze overal in hinderlaag'.