The Case Against the Temple 

Koenraad Elst

Voice of India, New Delhi



1. The Ayodhya debate: focus on the “no temple” evidence

2. Ashoka and Pushyamitra, iconoclasts?

3. The Bodh Gaya temple controversy

4. Harsha of Kashmir, a Hindu iconoclast?

5. Vandalism sanctified by scripture

6. The details about “Hindu iconoclasm”

7. Why did Aurangzeb demolish the Kashi Vishvanath temple?

8. From Ayodhya to Nazareth

9. Ayodhya and the Supreme Court

10. Mohammed Habib’s history-rewriting

11. The Ayodhya evidence debate

12. About the Hindu critique of monotheism

13. Postscript: a lasting solution


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