Hinduism and the Clash of Civilizations

By David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri)

American Institute of Vedic Studies

PO Box 8357, Santa Fe NM 87504-8357



Copyright ©, Dr. David Frawley 2001

Published by Voice of India

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Delhi, India 110 002


Table of Contents


Foreword by Aidan Rankin


Part I – India, Hinduism and the New Century

I.1. The Goddess Durga, Mother India as the World Mother

I.2. India and the Coming Century

I.3. The Reemergence of the Hindu Mind

I.4. Hinduism and the New Millennium

I.5. India at a Crossroads

I.6. The Crisis in the Psyche of India

I.7. Western Monoculture and Indic Pluralism

I.8. Religious Exclusivism, Racism and Colonialism

I.9. The Hindu Response to Globalization

I.10. The Hindu View of Society and its Global Relevance

Part II – The Need for a New Indic School of Thought

II.1. The Need for New Indic School of Thought

II.2. New Western and Global Dharmic Schools of Thought

II.3. The Need for a New Buddhi Shakti (Spiritual Force for the Intellect)

II.4 Indic Civilization, a Light for the World

II.5. Multinational Corporations and Global Education

II.6. The Spiritual Divide in Vedic Scholarship

II.7. Western Indology versus the Indic Tradition: The Intellectual Clash of Cultures

II.8. The Need to Rewrite Indian History

II.9. The Indian or Bharatiya Ideal of Education

II.10. The Myth of the Hindu Right


Part III – Foundations of a New Indic School

III.1. Vedic Knowledge and the Coming Planetary Age

III.2. Consciousness and Mind in the Vedic Tradition

III.3. Vedanta, the Foundation of the Indic School of Thought

III.4. Vedic Yoga, the Oldest Form of Yoga

III.5. Ayurveda, the World’s Medicine for the Next Millennium

III.6. Vedic Astrology: Space Age Science or Superstition

III.7. Solar Power and the Gayatri Mantra

III.8. Outline of a New Vedic School