Place of
Date of
Who the
Details of atrocities
assailants  were
1 Bafa Hazara 14-12-46 to
Muslim mob One Gurdwara and one Hindu house 
burnt. One Sikh murdered; two 
women wounded.
2 Sihalian do 19-12-46 do Two Hindus killed.
3 Samadhra do 10-12-46 do Gurdwara burnt.
4 Jabori do 12-12-46 do 16 Hindu evacuees to Mansehra 
waylaid and killed.
5 Sankiari do About middle 
Dec. 46
do Hindu temple broken and murtis 
6 Balakot do do do One Sikh killed for refusing to 
embrace Islam.
7 Bhata do do do 116 Sikhs burnt alive, several 
shot dead.
8 Mallachh Hazara 3-1-47 do 115 Sikhs and Hindus killed. Large 
scale looting and arson, women 
9 Dakhali Sair Hazara 10-1-47 do 150 Sikhs’ houses looted and burnt.
10 Jhan Campbellpur Early March, 
do 150 Sikhs killed. Their houses burnt.


Dhiba, Suka
Campbellpur 4-9-47 & 
do Jehad declared by Maulvies against 
Hindus and Sikhs. Massacre of Sikhs 
in Dhurnala Dhiba, Suka and 
Panchnad, besides Taurwan. 
Women and children abducted on a 
large scale. In many places false 
promises of safety given to Hindus 
and Sikhs. Whole area overrun.
15 Narali.
Rawalpindi 12-3-47 Muslim mob Attacking force 15,000 Gurdwara 
attacked repeatedly. Hindus and 
Sikhs besieged inside Gurdwara put 
up stiff resistance.  Several Hindus 
and Sikhs killed.  Large scale 
looting of Hindus and Sikhs.
16 Dhudial Rawalpindi 12-3-47 &
Muslim mob First attack resisted by Sikhs. 
Second attack on 13-3-47 evening. 
Large scale arson and looting of 
Sikh houses. Besides 3/4 houses, 
4 Gurdwaras, Iran-Hind Bank and 
Khalsa High School burnt. 8 or 9 
Sikhs killed.  Arrival of military 
stopped further destruction.
17 Adiala do 8-3-47 do Mobs collected by beat of drums. 
False alarm of Sikh attack raised. 
Large- scale looting, arson in 
Hindu-Sikh quarters. Hindus and 
Sikhs ferreted out and burnt alive, 
stabbed and shot dead. 40 forcibly 
converted. Muslim police just did not 
care to do anything about this attack.
18 Gorsian
(Teh. - 
Rawalpindi 10-3-47 Muslim mob Attacking force 600. Muslims 
persuaded that to kill Sikhs is a 
holy deed. Several Sikhs killed. 
Large scale looting.
19 Ghugg Jhelum Early 
March, 47
do 128 Sikhs killed. Large scale arson 
and looting. 40 women abducted.
20 Mandra Rawalpindi 9-3-47 do Large scale looting and arson of 
Hindu-Sikh business shops. 200 
Sikhs killed. 40 missing. Gurdwara 
and School burnt.
21 Rajar 
Campbellpur 10-3-47 do Muslim mob armed with rifles. 
300 Sikhs killed. 3 Gurdwaras burnt 
and Sikh Scriptures desecrated. 
16 Sikhs including women and 
children burnt alive. All Sikh houses 
burnt and looted. 95 women 
abducted and forcibly married to 
22 Jia Bagha Jhelum Early
March, 1947
do 18 Sikhs killed, 52 forcibly 
converted. 66 Sikhs houses burnt.
23 Sarkal Kaser do do do 43 Sikhs and Hindus killed, rest 
forcibly converted most Hindus-Sikhs 
houses burnt.
24 Darwal Jhelum Early
March, 1947
Muslim mob 9 Hindus and Sikhs killed, 80 
forcibly converted. 50 Hindu-Sikhs 
houses burnt.
25 Narang do do do 6 Hindus and Sikhs killed, over 
100 Hindu-Sikhs houses burnt.
26 Bhasin do do do 35 Sikh-Hindu houses burnt and all 
27 Chak Sewak do do do All Hindu-Sikh houses looted.
28 Bhagwal do do do All Hindu-Sikh houses looted.
29 Athwal do do do 10 Hindu-Sikh houses burnt, all 
30 Tahar do 7-3-47 &
do All Hindu-Sikh houses looted.
31 Mangwal do do do Almost all Hindu-Sikh houses burnt 
and looted.
32 Sahola do do do All Hindu-Sikh houses looted and 
do do do One non-Muslim killed.
35 Rupwal do do do do
36 Ranjha do do do One Gurdwara burnt.
37 Dharogi Jhelum 7.3.47 and
Muslim mob Some Hindu-Sikh houses burnt and 
38 Namazian do do do Five Hindu-Sikh houses burnt and 


1. Tarakwal
2. Deri
3. Hasail
4. Dhab Kalan
do do do In all these villages Hindu and Sikh 
houses were burnt and looted.
43 128 Villages Rawalpindi do do Villages attacked, especially Sikhs 
and also Hindus killed. Number of 
killed estimated at 7,000. Other 
casualties in proportion. Houses 
burnt and looted extensively. 
Gurdwaras attacked and burnt. 
Large scale devastation. About 
1,000 women abducted.
44 23 Villages Campbellpur do do 610 Hindus and Sikhs killed. 
1,656 Hindu-Sikh houses, including 
Gurdwaras burnt. 1,361 Hindu-Sikh 
houses looted. 1,471 forcibly 
converted about 100 women and 
children abducted.
45 Garhi 
18-12-46 &
do One Hindu abducted and killed 
(18-12-46) On 14-3-47, 
8 Hindu-Sikh houses burnt and 
4 Hindu and Sikh places of worship. 
Large scale looting by Muslims, 
Several Hindus and Sikhs killed.
46 Ramgarh
(Teh. Kharian)
Gujrat 14-3-47 &
Muslim mob Hindus and Sikhs extensively looted.


1. Batal
2. Uggi
3. Sum Ilahi 
4. Garhi Jalli
Hazara 7-12-46 &
do 11 Hindus and Sehjdhari Sikhs killed 
in Batal, 11 wounded, looting of 
Hindu-Sikh houses. Bazar of Uggi 
burnt and Sikh shops burnt. 5 Hindus 
and Sikhs killed. In place No. 3 
Hindu-Sikh evacuees attacked, 
14 killed, 27 injured. In place No. 
4 stray killing of Hindus and Sikhs, 
Gurdwara burnt.
1. Havelian
2. Lahore
do 8-12-46 uptill 
January, 47
do Hindus and Sikhs saved front 
destruction by timely arrival of 
military. Stray killing of Sikhs and 
Hindus. By end of December, all 
Hindus and Sikhs of Havelian left 
their homes to come to the Punjab 
for safety.
1. Mohri
2. Diwal
3. Akhroota
do End of 
do Hindus and Sikhs surrounded and 
attacked their houses burnt and 
looted Killing of Hindus and Sikhs 
with brutality. Women abducted.
56 Pipal Hazara 27-12-46 Muslim mob False alarm of attack by Sikhs on 
Muslims raised. All Sikh and Hindu 
houses looted.
57 Jaba do 26-12-46 to
do Sikhs waylaid and brutally killed. 
Sikhs’ houses looted.
58 Gohra do End of 
do All Hindus and Sikhs looted, 
evacuated to seek safety.
59 Phulgara do do do All Hindus forcibly converted.
60 Dhanak do do do Two Sikhs brutally butchered in 
the Muslim sacrificial way.  One’s 
brother later killed. Hindu-Sikh 
houses burnt and looted completely.
One woman hacked with most 
shocking brutality.
61 Muh do do do Entire village burnt, including 
62 Karchhan do do do Entire village burnt, including 2 
63 Daddar do 11-12-46 do 40 Hindu-Sikh evacuees waylaid. 
10 killed, rest seriously wounded. 
All looted.
64 Hazara District 
(N.-W. F. P.)
Hazara 8-3-47 and 
10 days after
Muslim mob Gurdwaras in village Jagil, Siripot, 
Kalingair Niroli Sarai Niamat Khan, 
Siria, Chhajian, burnt. Sikhs forcibly converted. Sikh scriptures desecrated. 
This was the second round of attack 
on Sikhs, the first having come in 
January, 1947.
Village Pand 
and Tali Pandi
Campbellpur 9-3-47 do Large-scale arson in Sikh houses in 
villages. Looting. Ultimatum given to 
Sikhs to embrace Islam. Sikhs 
forcibly converted. Those Sikhs who 
refused to be converted brutally 
done to death, including old women 
and children. Some Sikhs burnt alive.
67 Dhudhambar 
Fateh Jang)
do 1-3-47 do Sikh blouses burnt and looted. 
Sikhs forcibly converted and killed.
68 Dhari do 8-3-47 do Houses of Sikhs burnt ad looted. 
Mobs advanced to attack with 
drums beating. Large scale murder 
of Sikhs including women and 
children. Brutalities committed. 
Sikhs forcibly converted and 
shaved, forced  to swallow beef.
Pindi Gheb
Jand and 
many other 
Campbellpur Early 
March 1947
Muslim mob Hindus and Sikhs of all these 
places looted, butchered and forcibly 
converted. Women abducted and 
raped. Large scale  arson. These 
criminal activities done with drums 
beating and under Muslim League 
flag. Gurdwaras burnt and looted.
81 Panal do do do Village burnt alongwith its Gurdwara. 
150 Hindus and Sikhs out of total 
population of 160 killed.
82 Rajar do do do Total Hindu-Sikh population wiped 
out, killed with lethal weapons and 
some burnt alive.
83 Jhan do do do Total Hindu-Sikh population wiped 
84 Chakri do do do Number of Sikhs including women 
and children killed.
85 Chauntra do do do All Sikhs forcibly converted.
86 Sangral do do do Sikhs and Hindus forcibly converted. 
Their women-folk given over to Muslims.
87 Adhwal Rawalpindi Early 
March, 1947
Muslim mob Large part of the village burnt.
88 Mughal do 8-3-47 do 141 Sikhs killed. Only about a 
dozen survived. Gurdwara burnt.
89 Machhian do 11-3-47 do 200 Sikhs killed. Gurdwara burnt. 
All males killed. Women and children 
abducted and later rescued.
90 Nakrali do 9-3-47 do Some Sikhs killed and some women 
immolated themselves to escape 
dishonour. 40 Sikhs forcibly 
converted. Gurdwara looted and 
91 Bhagpur do 7-3-47 do Almost entire Sikh population wiped 
out, including women and children. 
Gurdwara burnt.
92 Thoha Khalsa do 12-3-47 do About 200 Sikhs killed; 93 women 
immolated themselves to escape 
dishonour. Large scale destruction.
93 Thamali do 8-3-47 do 400 Sikhs killed. One Gurdwara and 
one School building burnt. Only 
about 20 survived.
94 Sayad do 11-3-47 do About 20 Sikhs killed. Some forcibly 
converted. One Gurdwara burnt.
95 Balaksar 
Jhelum 11-3-47 Muslim mob One Sikh murdered to begin with. 
Later a Muslim mob about 400 
collected and attacked Hindus and 
Sikhs. Some Muslims intervened 
and averted a general massacre.
96 Wasnal (Teh. 
Pind Dadan 
do 11-3-47 do Hindus and Sikhs besieged and 
later removed to refugee camp.
97 Mohotta 
Campbellpur do do Sikhs and Hindus houses burnt and 
98 Gung (Teh. 
Jhelum 13-3-47 do Gurdwara attacked when Sikhs 
had assembled for worship. Out 
of 123 present 16 butchered and 
thrown into fire.  Large number of 
children burnt alive. 15 or 16 young 
women abducted.
99 Gah do do do Gurdwara attacked and looted. 20 
Hindus and Sikhs killed. Others
forcibly converted.
100 Waswal do do do Hindus and Sikhs murdered 
(including children and women) 
Shocking brutalities committed.
101 Thomal Kamal Jhelum 13.3.47 Muslim mob 8 Hindu and Sikhs killed. Others 
forcibly converted.
102 Sarkal Kana do do do Six Gurdwaras and 40 Hindus and 
Sikhs houses burnt. 43 Hindus and 
Sikhs murdered.
103 Narang do 11-3-47 to
do Important Sikh village. 7 Hindus and 
Sikhs killed, 20 forcibly converted. 
100 young women abducted.
104 Kasba Maral Multan Middle of 
March, 1947
do Sikhs of this village shot. S O S to 
the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak 
Committee, Amritsar describing in 
deeply moving words the destruction 
wrought by Muslim mobs in their 
neighbouring villages and fearing like 
fate for themselves. Gurdwaras 
extensively burnt, scriptures 
desecrated. Sikhs murdered.
105 Chaklala Rawalpindi 8-3-47 do Sikhs houses attacked and burnt. 
Occupants killed.
106 Multan Multan 5-3-47 after 
for several 
do Sudden and swift attack on Hindus 
and Sikhs. About 200 traced killed. 
Even patients in the T. B. hospital 
stabbed. Looting on an extensive 
scale. One Sayad directed 
operations against Hindus and Sikhs 
on a white horse, with police 
connivance. Villages in the area 
attacked simultaneously; large scale 
destniction done.
107 Traggar Multan 9-3-47 &
Muslim mob 
and Police
Looting, arson and number of Hindus 
and Sikhs with police connivance, 
140 houses burnt. 21 murdered.
108 Multan Multan 5-3-47 do Procession of Hindu. Sikh students 
brutally attacked by Muslims mob 
and students killed. Hindu shops 
looted and burnt. Sikh and Hindu 
holy places and scriptures burnt 
and desecrated. Muslim goondas 
carried to villages in Police lorries 
which were really provided for 
relief work. 8 Hindu factories destroyed.
109 Shujabad
Multan 7-3-47 & 
Muslim mob, 
Police and Military
Attack on Hindus of village Aliwala in 
this area.  Then Hindus of villages 
Chajju Chak, Thochipura and 
Bhojewala also looted. Large scale 
arson and murder of Hindus. Muslims 
gave false assurances of safety to 
Hindus. Women molested and 
abducted. Military did not arrest 
culprits. False alarm of a Sikh attack 
on Muslims was raised to incite 
Muslims to collect. 50 more villages 
looted and burnt. Forcible 
conversions Villages Traggar, Matotali Basti ahir, Shujrawan Jhakkar, Bukhi, Lashkiwala, etc. are some of the more prominent which were attacked. Ears 
and noses of women cut off.  Women 
raped in presence of husbands, 
brothers, fathers, Sons. Peace 
messengers murdered. Hindus wiped 
out over an area of about 500 square 
miles ill this sector.
110 Banda Rawalpindi 8-3-47 Muslim mob About 20 Sikhs killed including women 
and children. Gurdwara burnt.
111 Bemali do do do About 80 Sikhs killed, More than 
105 abducted some Sikhs killed their 
own womenfolk to avoid dishonour.
112 Tarlai Rawalpindi 9-3-47 Muslim mob About 40 Sikhs killed, including 
women and children. Gurdwara burnt.
113 Harial do do do About 20 Sikhs killed. About 40 
abducted. Gurdwara burnt.
114 Harnali do 9-3-47 do About 20 Sikhs killed. About 25 
abducted. Brutalities committed. 
Gurdwara burnt.
115 Tainch do 7-3-47 do 22 Sikhs killed, including 10 women. 
Gurdwara burnt.
116 Takht Pari do 8-3-47 do Women abducted. large-scale looting. 
Gurdwara burnt.
117 Sagari do 7-3-47 & 
do 2 Gurdwaras and one Khalsa High 
School burnt. Some women  
abducted. Some Sikhs killed.
118 Mankaiali do 8-3-47 do One Sikh women killed. Gurdwara 
119 Kahuta do do do 60 Sikhs killed. Extensive looting. 
500 women abducted. Gurdwara burnt.
120 Dera Khalsa do do do Gurdwara burnt. Some Sikhs killed.
121 Sukho







Muslim mob

Stiff resistance put up by Sikhs. One 
Girls’ School and one Gurdwara burnt.
Here too stiff resistance put up by 
Sikhs against invader.
1. Viran Datta
2. Kotla 
(now Sialkot)
to 26-8-47 
Muslim mob 
& military
Villages attacked and Hindu and Sikhs 
killed and looted. Large number of 
women abducted. Forcible conversions.
124 Chak 38 B.
Chak 29
Sargodha 28-8-47  do Large number of Sikhs killed in these 
Chaks. Others forced to evacuate to 
India in destitute state.
125 Bhattian Dist. 
Rahim Yar 
23-9-47 Muslim officials 
& military
False assurances of safety given to 
more than 4,000 Sikhs collected for 
safety in this village.  Sikhs 
extensively looted. Only 660 
survived from this group of 4.000. 
700 young women abduct.
126 Chhajjoke Gujranwala End of 
Aug. 1947
Muslim mob Large number of Sikhs killed and 
many women abducted.
127 Korotana do do do do
128 Bahawalpur Bahawalpur 
do Muslim officials All Sikhs in town arrested. Their 
women-folk for the most part 
abducted. Their houses looted.
129 Gujranwala 
Gujranwala do do Total number of Sikhs estimated 
killed in this area 15,000.
130 Refugee train 
& Lahore Rly. 
Gujranwala 23-9-47
Muslim military Trains attacked. In both incidents 
about 1000 Hindus and Sikhs killed.
131 Gujrat   do do Number of Sikhs and Hindus 
estimated killed in this district 10,000.
132 Bujragwal 
(Teh. Kharian)
Gujrat End of 
Aug. 47
Muslim mob Village attacked. Hindus and Sikhs 
besieged and later evacuated in a 
destitute state by military.
133 Pul Kanjar 
(Border village)
Amritsar Last half of 
August & after
Many Hindus and Sikhs of this border 
village killed. Constant sniping by 
Muslims from Pakistan side.
134 Jagatpura
(Border village)
do 14-9-47 Muslim military Attack by military in lorries from 
Pakistan side. Several Sikhs shot dead.
135 Lahore Lahore First week 
of Octr. 47
Muslim mob 9 Sikh prisoners released front Central 
Jail, Lahore. Stabbed immediately on 
leaving Jail gate.
136 1. Nanaksar
2. Basti 
Jhang 25-8-47 
& after
do Gurdwaras of these places burnt, 
besides general killing and looting of 
Hindus and Sikhs.
137 Jhelum Jhelum End of 
Aug. 47
Muslim mob 
Police & 
General massacre and looting of 
Hindu and Sikh areas of the town. 
Countryside had already been 
plundered in the disturbances of 
March, 1947.
138 Chak 37 Lyallpur 4-9-47 Muslim military Refugee train Lahore-Shorkat) 
stopped near this Sikh village. 
Armed attack made by Muslim 
military. 50 Sikhs killed.
139 Lyallpur do End of Aug. 
& early Sept. 
Muslim Police 
& mob.
One Sikhs hand cut off by Muslim 
with Sikh’s Kirpan, but Sikh put 
under arrest. Villages round-about 
Lyallpur extensively looted of Hindu 
and Sikh property. Two Sikhs 
stabbed near Clock Tower within 
sight of officials. 12 Sikhs stabbed during curfew hours, which did not 
prevent Muslims from moving 
about freely. One woman snatched 
from Hindu by Muslim Janglis when 
the couple were going to 
aerodrome to flee to India.
140 Udhowali do 6-10-47 Muslim police 
& Military
One Sikh convoy from this area 
attacked on 6.10.47 by Muslim 
police and military near Balloki 
Head (Pakistan). Several Sikhs 
141 Sialkot Sialkot 12-8-47 
& after
Muslim mob, 
Police & 
On 12.8.47 cases of stabbing by 
Muslims, resulting in 5 Hindu-Sikh 
casualties. On the 13th August, 
Muslims with the aid of Police and 
Military initiated a vigorivous 
campaign of arson, loot and murder, 
resulting in large number of 
Hindu-Sikh casualties; survivors fled 
to Rly. station for safety, where a 
train full of Hindu-Sikhs corpses 
arrived from Wazirabad side. 
Famous Gurdwara Babe di Ber 
burnt and inmates shot dead by 
Police.  Other Gurdwaras too 
attacked and burnt.  While 
Hindu-Sikh refugees being brought 
to India, lorries stopped at Ravi 
Road, Lahore, one Muslim motor 
cyclist went into town and brought 
with him a Muslim mob who 
attacked, illing several and wounding 
40.  Sikh military, which arrived 
soon after, rescued refugees.
142 Narowal do 17-8-47 do Large-scale looting and murder of 
Hindus and Sikhs. Those who fled for 
safety massacred while crossing Ravi 
Bridge. Sikhs specially marked out for 
143 V. Panj 
Garain (Teh. 
Sialkot 26-8-47 Muslim mob 
& police
Out of 300 Hindus and Sikhs of this 
place only 70 or 80 survived. Rest 
attacked several times on the way to 
Narowal. Forcible conversion of those 
captured also occurred.
144 V. Loharian 
(Teh. Narowal)
do 23-8-47 Muslim mob Attack made at mid-night. People 
forced to leave hearths and homes in 
a destitute state. Forcible conversions.
145 Bhikho Chak do 24-8-47 do Party of 130 Muslims attacked Hindus 
and Sikhs while leaving the village for 
safety. Place of attack: Pattan at Ravi 
River. 113 killed, only 17 or 18 
146 Jalalpur 
Gujrat 12-8-47 
& after
Muslim mob 
& officials
Muslims plan murder of Hindus and 
Sikhs in collusion with District officials. 
Stabbing started on 13-8-47. On 
18-8-47 arson and murder started on 
a large scale.  Trains stopped wires 
cut and every Hindu and Sikh 
blockaded. Large-scale killing in 
villages. In Jalalpur Jattan only 1 
survivor known. 400 killed.
147 V. Chak 
142/92 (Teh. 
Montgomery 25-8-47 
& after
Janglis and 
Hindus and Sikhs of this and 
neighbouring villages collected 
(number about 20,000) in Bara 
Farm near Montgomery for shelter, 
after leaving their houses in a state 
of destitution.
148 Mirdad Muafi do do do One of the villages whose Hindu-Sikh 
residents sought shelter in Bara Farm 
after the village was burnt and looted.
149 Kila Sardha 
do 28-8-47 Muslim mob 
& military
Large number of Sikhs killed. Loot 
and arson on a large scale.
150 Chak 16/14L. do End of 
Aug. 47
Muslim mob
& Police
Police from Shahkot and Kassowal 
Thanas attacked this village. Huge 
looting by Muslims. People left in a 
destitute state.
151 Mengian Sialkot Middle 
of August
Muslim mob, 
Police & 
Hindus and Sikhs forced to quit in 
a destitute state.
152 Sambrial do 16-8-47 Muslim mob Several Hindus and Sikhs killed. 
About 2 dozen forcibly converted. 
Converted later killed. Survivors 
turned out in a destitute state.
153 1. Rahimpur
2. Nangal 
Dunna Singh
Gujranwala 23-8-47
Muslim mob Both villages attacked and Hindus and 
Sikhs turned out in a destitute state.
154 Singhpura 
(A suburb 
of Lahore)
Lahore 12-8-47 Muslim mob 
& Police
Attacked this Sikh locality. Set fire to 
a number of houses and murdered 
4 people.
155 Kila Sura Singh Gujrat End of 
Aug. 47
Muslim mob 5 or 6 Hindus and Sikhs killed, and 
rest turned out in a destitute condition.
156 Hamirpur 
v do do 5 men (Hindus) killed and several 
women abducted.
157 Khan Khasa 
(Teh. Narowal)
Sialkot 24-8-47 Muslim mob Several Hindus and Sikhs killed, 
rest forcibly converted.
158 Chak. Ramdas Gujranwala 23-8-47 Muslim Police Police surrounded this village to 
destroy Hindus and Sikhs. People 
however escaped at night through a 
gap. Attacked in several places on 
way to Amritsar destitute. Women 
snatched away.
159 Kiska Kola 
do Bhadon 
(Sept. 47)
Muslim mob One Sikh killed, rest forcibly converted.
160 Kamoke 
trading town)
do 16-8-47 
& after
military & 
Muslim Police
On arrival of Muslim military looting 
and murder of Hindus and Sikhs 
started. On 16-8-47 10 bags of rice 
and next day one truck looted. One 
woman shot dead. Several attacks 
on 21-8-47 when police took 5 or 
6 Hindus and Sikhs of their houses 
and shot them dead.  On 23-8-47, 
8 lice husking factories (Hindu-Sikh 
property) and houses burnt.  
Payment of Rs. 60,000 to Police 
stopped arson and murder 
temporarily.  Huge looting 
including Central Bank and wheat in 
Mandi worth 4 lacs. 24-8-47 
Gurdwara Damdama Sahib 
attacked.  Granthi and several Sikhs 
killed by Muslim mob of 1,000.  
Later another 150 killed while 
sheltering in private houses.
161 Wazirabad 
(important Rly. 
Junction and 
Tehsil town)
Gujranwala 12-8-47 
& after
Muslim mob, 
Police and 
Trains leaving Amritsar attacked at 
Mughalpura near Lahore and almost 
all Hindu and Sikh passengers 
murdered. On 13-8-47 general 
massacre of Hindus and Sikhs at 
Wazirabad Mandi burnt and 
huge looting done. Same day general 
looting of bazar, and all available 
Hindus and Sikhs murdered. Trains 
from Wazirabad stopped near 
Nizamabad and Muslim military 
joined Muslim goondas in murdering 
Hindu and Sikh passengers; 
5 or 6 women abducted from this 
train. Altogether 500 Hindus and 
Sikhs killed in this train. Railway 
track to Jammu removed; train 
again attacked, but saved by Sikh 
military escort.
162 Ladhewala Gujranwala 24-8-47 Muslim Police 
and Military
Large scale arson loot and murder of 
Hindus and Sikhs. Many neighbouring 
villages met a similar fate.
163 Bhopalwala Sialkot End of 
Aug. 47
Muslim mob Attack on Gurdwara Bali Sahib by 
400 Muslims, burning Gurdwara and 
killing inmates.
164 Bhawanipura 
(Teh. Shakargarh)
(now Sialkot)
24-8-47 do Attacked Hindus and Sikhs hid in 
sugarcane crop. False promise of 
safety given to Hindus thus hidden. 
All killed who came out believing 
these promises. Some women and 
3 men left and these men too killed 
later. Many young girls abducted.
165 Dhamoli Gujranwala 22-8-47 to 
Muslim mob Out of a population of about 700 
Hindus and Sikhs only 50 to 60 are 
still traceable. Other murder. About 
25 forcibly converted.
166 Ramnagar Gujranwala 17-8-47 do Murder of a Sikh. General arson 
and looting of Hindu-Sikh houses. 
Hindus and Sikhs fled in destitute 
167 Gujranwala do 27-8-47 Muslim Police 
and officials
In the midst of general massacre, 
arson and looting of Hindus and Sikhs; 
14 members of the family of Dr. Tej 
Bhan murdered in the presence of 
the D. C.
168 Khiyali Sargodha 16-8-47 Muslim mob Large scale killing of Hindus and 
169 Hamidpur Kalan Gujranwala 24-8-47 Muslim Police 
and Military
Entire Hindu and Sikh population 
wiped out.
170 Lala Musa Gujrat 18-8-47 Muslim mob False cry raised by Muslims that 
Sikhs attacked Muslims. Entire town 
blockaded and attack started by 
Muslims. Large-scale looting and 
arson. Three big Gurdwaras burnt 
and inmates burnt alive.
1. Kotla Kasmi
2. Jhettapur
3. Kunjah
4. Kang
5. Shadiwal
6. Kiladar
7. Chuhamal
Gujrat About middle 
of August
Muslim mob All these villages burnt and Hindus 
and Sikhs murdered and survivors 
turned out in a destitute condition.
178 Tatle Mali Gujranwala 28-8-47 Muslim mob 
& Military
Out of 300 Hindu and Sikh residents 
of this place only 200 are traceable, 
rest were murdered or forcibly 
converted and detained.
179 Mirzapur do 27-8-47 Muslim 
Muslim military visited village on 
27-8-47 and left with the threat that 
if Hindus and Sikhs did not leave by 
next morning, their houses would be 
burnt. As Hindus and Sikhs left, they 
were attacked by Muslim mob and military on the way and many were 
180 Mirza Jan Gujranwala 26-8-47 Muslim mob, 
Police and 
Attacking force of about 5,000 
Muslims. 70 Hindus and Sikhs 
killed and 100 women abducted.
181 Thapnala do 8 Bhadon 
(End of 
Aug. 47)
Muslim mob 4 Muslim villages attacked Hindus 
and Sikhs of this village. 
17 Hindu-Sikh girls immolated 
themselves to escape dishonour and 
other residents escaped in destitution.
182 Wadhon Gujranwala 24-8-47 Muslim 
officials & 
High Muslim officials including 
Mohd. Azam, Magistrate, the 
D. S. P. and S. I. of Mianabad 
with Military mob and Muslim 
National Guards attacked this 
village. Large scale killing of Hindus 
and Sikhs. Many evacuees carried 
away by flood after being turned 
out of their homes.
183 Lohianwala do Muslim mob, 
Police and 
Muslim mob, 
Police and 
Muslim goondas brought from 
Lahore and Gujranwala by train 
and Hindus and Sikhs attacked. 
30 to 40 killed.
184 Wassianwala do 27-8-47 do Sikhs turned out completely 
185 Dehsar Pain do 23-8-47 Muslim mob Hindus and Sikhs turned out 
completely destitute.
186 Sharifpura Sheikhupura 25-8-47 do 50 Hindus and Sikhs killed.
187 Nagare Gujranwala 22-8-47 do 4 Hindus and Sikhs killed. 
8 women abducted.
188 Nandpur do 24-8-47 do 15 or 16 Hindus and Sikhs killed.
189 Lohianwala Gujranwala End of 
Aug. 47
Train stopped by Muslim military 
near this village and village attacked. 
100 Sikhs killed.
190 Wadala Sandhuan do do Muslim mob Many forcible conversions.
191 Dhup Sari Gujranwala 25-8-47 or 
Muslim mob 10 Hindus and Sikhs killed.
192 Tarigri do 29-8-47 Muslim mob, 
Military & 
Several Hindus and Sikhs killed and 
many others forcibly converted. 
Converts later on killed.
193 Lala Musa Gujrat 18-8-47 do Attack on Hindus and Sikhs. Looting 
on a large scale by Muslim military. 
Three Gurdwaras burnt. Repeated 
attacks. Women molested. Train 
carrying these refugees stopped near 
Shahdara and Hindus and Sikhs killed.
194 Pagriwala do 6-10-47 Muslim mob Muslim Hindus and Sikhs 
indiscriminately killed.
195 Bahowal do Id day 
do Several Hindus and Sikhs killed. Rest 
took shelter in Jammu and Kashmir 
State in destitute state.
196 Haiderabed 
Thal (Tehsil 
Mianwali 25-8-47 Muslim mob 
& Police
Village Sadhwala, Mankera Khiu, 
Mani, Dhigana, Wiri, Karloowala, 
etc. besieged
197 Randher Gujrat 21-8-47 Muslim mob Killing of Sikhs and forcible 
conversion. Beef thrust into mouths 
of Hindus and Sikhs.
198 Sanowal 
(P.S. Jalalpur 
do 18-8-47 do All Sikhs forced to leave in a 
destitute state.
199 Dara Sikhan 
(Teh. Phalia)
do 18-8-47 do Attacking force of 5,000; ultimatum 
given to Sikhs to get converted to 
Islam. Sikhs forcibly shaved and 
200 Dinga do do do 3,300 Sikhs killed.