The Calcutta Quran Petition

Compiled with an introduction by

Sita Ram Goel

Voice of India, New Delhi



Preface to Third Edition

Preface to Second Edition

Section I : Introduction

1. A Government in Panic

2. The Judgment misses the Main Point

3. Entire Quran is a Manual on JihAd

4. The Prophet sets the Pattern

5. The Orthodox Exposition of JihAd

6. JihAd in India’s History

7. Doctrine of the Islamic State

8. Muslim Ummah is a Military Machine

9. The Petition has served a Great Purpose

10. A Close Look at Allah of the Quran

Section II : The Petition and the Judgement

1. Himangshu Kishore’s Letter

2. Himangshu Kishore’s Reminder

3. Notice from Chandmal Chopra

4. The Writ Application

5. Affidavit in Opposition

6. The Judgement

7. The Review Application

8. Review Application Dismissed


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