11. Nachiketa Dogra

Received your “Time for Stock Taking”. Each and every word of this pamphlet especially from Dr. Godbole spoke my heart and mind. I bow down before you and Godbole for such an unbeatable logic.

Hindu intellectuals should expose Quran and Hadith i.e. Islam. Islam in itself is very very weak and fragile without any reason and philosophy. It is medieval and unscientific. So it will not at all stand the test of time. It violates human rights mercilessly. So it will crumble down with double of the speed with which it rose up, once it is declothed. Muslims and Secularists have covered it up with a black cloth like the one in Mecca. Islam will depreciate in the mind of Muslims themselves when Hindus start showing the real face of it.  Majority of the Muslims (especially Indian Muslims) don’t know Quran and Hadith. Some Muslim intellectuals (rather Muslim fanatics) have now started interpreting Islam and Quran in a modified way so that its ugly face is not exposed.

Listen to Radio Iran or Radio Pakistan or even Radio Doche Vale Clon, Germany. They give polished interpretations of Quran and Hadith and present Hinduism in a bad shape. But we Hindus being citizens of Secular India cannot rebut or counter them. Thus “Secularism” has become a curse for Hindu Culture and Hinduism. The moment we speak of Hinduism, Congress and Communists will cry and tell the Muslims, “Look, these communal Hindus will eliminate you.”

Earlier there were efforts from some patriotic and daring Hindus to ban the Quran in India but the Congress Government didn’t allow even discussion on it. So now I feel we should adopt the other way i.e. to propagate to people what the Quran contains, to educate people (including Muslims) about its illogic, to expose to them its inhumanity and obsoleteness. In Kashmir I observed that many well educated people had not known some of the Ayats and their meaning which I showed them from an English book. First they asserted that there were no such injunctions from Quran but slowly they agreed to some extent though with different explanations. The greatest difficulty in discussing Islam or Quran with Muslims is that they avoid discussing it even among friends lest they earn wrath from prophet Mohammad, or be disrespectful to any Ayat or prophet or somebody may inform about this involvement in discussion and thus get them declared Kafirs. In fact Muslims are too much afraid of Imams and Maulvis. Muslim mobs are too much in the grip of Imams and Maulvis and Allah’s wrath so much so that nobody dares to think freely and speak openly about his opinion regarding the ultimateness of the Quran. But one thing is there. Some Muslims do have some genuine doubts about which they seldom open their mouths for fear from their own community.

I doubt if true face of Islam can be exposed or much change in the political and administrative set up of India take place even when the BJP comes to power at Centre. I don’t know then why BJP also has adopted the policy of appeasement towards Muslims and started Sarva Panth Samãdar Manch. I think BJP can consolidate Hindus more if it speaks as a communal Hindu instead of as secular Hindu. And as a Hindu it has to educate Muslims of their past and of their Hindu ancestry. We have to advertise that all Muslims had become converts from Hindus due to force under Muslim rule, otherwise all Muslims are Hindus coming from Hindu ancestors. So Islam is not a suitable ideology for them by tradition or temperament.


1. It is just beating about the bush.

2. It is the biggest deceipt, amounting to cheating ignorant and innocent people.

3. It is rather the other way round.  Muslims are good, but Islam (Quran and Hadith) are bad. Muslims are victims of Islam.

4. Yes, true, if they are also educated about what Quran and Hadith contain and how Islam is nothing but an imposition on them and not suitable to their temperament as they are children of higher civilisation and culture.

5. This is also a misconception. It is the Muslims who exploited Congress or blackmailed it.

6. Sufis were ground-preparers for Islam.

7-8. Totally wrong and a baseless propaganda only.


The writer is from Jalandhar City in Punjab.

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