18. B.L. Jaju 

I have received the circular ‘Time For Stock Taking’. You have desired that the intelligentsia, particularly the Hindu intelligentsia, should offer their opinion about the ideology of Islam and how do they react to the same.

I am liberally educated, having an open mind, and have no prejudices or preconceived thoughts about any religion, much less against Christianity or Islam.

In my opinion Hinduism or Sanatan Dharma has a long history of toleration. They have never tried to see the darker side of any culture or religion, and have always tried to accept and respect the points of view of others. I think this is the reason why Sanatan Dharma has survived during the last five thousand years. I am particularly grateful to Dr. Godbole for asking the opinion and to elicit the Hindu response. I have read with great interest the tenets of Christianity and Islam. I am afraid that unlike Hinduism they do not allow any equality, much less respect for other religions.

Many of our thinkers, writers and commentators have talked of composite culture, toleration of Sufism and what not. It is only Hindus who mouth such pious platitudes just to cover up the shortcomings or loopholes of Islam.

I have no desire to give a long history or examples of cruel behaviour of the followers of Islam right from the hordes from Arabia down to Mr. Jinnah. It was just like the American policy, of Dulles: ‘If you are not with us, then you are against us.’

It is high time that Hindus should resolve and be resolute as to how we should react to the supine behaviour of our leaders who tried to placate and please Muslims by surrendering to all their demands including the demand of partition of India.

We all know how Bernard Shaw ridiculed the barbarism of Christianity when he wrote about sending troops to avenge the murder of a priest and taking the markets of the colonies as a gift from God. Similarly, H.G. Wells wrote about Islam and Mohammad Sahib.

In my opinion, during the last fifty years, politicians like Mulayam Singh or Kanshi Ram have tried to play the same tune to get the votes of Muslims. I am afraid if we do not act we are in for another partition of the country, and the intelligentsia whose reaction you want will be responsible for this.


The writer is an industrialist living in New Delhi.

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