27.  P. R. K. Naidu

Thanks for mailing the small but thought provoking pamphlet “TIME FOR STOCK TAKING”. I very much appreciate your gesture of inviting the responses from the Hindu Mind.

1. The Indian National Congress from the very inception was not for the welfare of Hindusthan and its citizens, especially the Hindus and their culture, but for the unhindered continuation of the British rule. Pseudo-Nationalist leaders steeped in Western culture took over and gave the call of Nationalism, which was taken up by the common man and became a mass frenzied Nationalism, an outcome of the Westernised Indian leaders. This Nationalism is devoid of Bharatiya culture or well defined patriotism.

2. For such behavioural change and craze for everything Foreign not only the power hungry politicians are at blame, but to a great extent our religious GURUS and PEETHADIPATTIS have also a share in Hindu degeneration, as they in their Pseudo Sagacious non-interference have taken for granted policies of the Political Hindu leaders at the helm of affairs.

3. The points raised by Dr. Godbole, are like the overplayed gramophone record - points put forward by the Pseudo-Secularists and misguided Hindus only. For them it has become a fashion, a mark of elegance and broad-mindedness. In all respects I concur with Dr. Godbole’s explanations and add these suggestions.

The first question of including Jesus and Mohammad in the pantheon of Hindus, is like accepting their teachings of intolerance and bestial savagery towards others. It should be liked to a ferocious Tiger in a Pen of docile cows. If the second statement is taken for granted then there should not be any difference between good and evil, a saint and a rogue, a cultured one and a savage, and ultimately between God and Devil. In the fifth item, the BJP’s claim of treating Muslims as human beings, which shall bring a change in them, is too far-fetched, like building castles in the air and as aimless as a shout in the dark. They have to first segregate them from Islam, which is the main culprit for dehumanizing them. For item six regarding Sufis, history - even the doctored one - is a witness to their treacherous pact with the invading enemies and the shady and shifty part played by them. The eighth statement is a blatant lie, and a forked-tongue remark. The Islamic sanctum sanctorum in MECCA itself was a centre of Idol Worship with as many as 360 idols. It was desecrated, profaned and misused as a Mosque for their namaz and made Allah’s house. This is confirmed by QURAN, the Hadith and the Islamic Encyclopedia.

4. Regarding formation of “SARVA PANTH SAMÃDAR MANCH” by the Sangh, if it is intended to include Christianity and Islam in it, then the Sangh is stone-blind to the recorded facts and has not learnt any lesson from history. Let us not go far back in history, but take it from only 1885 after the inception of Indian National Congress and Gandhiji coming on the stage. He had made Congress take a step forward with extended hands of friendship towards Muslims and Muslims had taken two steps backward to make it dance to their tunes. If the Sangh Parivar from which Hindus have great expectations also floats “SARVA PANTH SAMÃDAR MANCH”, expecting peace and tranquility then it is forcing the Nation into the vortex of diabolism. Dr. Godbole has correctly diagnosed that “what Hindus need today is not “SARVA PANTH SAMÃDAR but SARVA PANTHA CHIKITSÔ. I like to add that a Surgical/Shastriya Chikitsa is urgently needed for Hindu also. The Sangh Parivar has to rehinduise the Hindus, who have westernised themselves.


The writer is from Secuderabad in Andhra Pradesh.

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