32. Dr. H. Ramarao

Thanks for sending the booklet ‘Time for Stock Taking’. I have noted that the author has shown his utmost concern regarding the ‘Hindu-Muslim’ problem nagging the country even after partition in a new form, i.e., Secularism vs. Communalism, and the Congress policy of appeasement of Muslims going on merrily as before with help of its allies (Communists, Casteists and Communalists) to the detriment of the Majority community. If the trend is not checked immediately, the country may go for a few ‘mini’ partitions, to accommodate a few miniature Pakistans here and there.

Dr. Shreerang Godbole has raised many important questions regarding the survival of Hindus and Hinduism, and they requires the attention of everyone who wants to preserve the social, cultural and national interests of Bharat. Here are my views on the points raised by him.

1. What is the harm in adding Jesus and Muhammad to the 33 crore Hindu Gods and Goddesses.
Dr. Godbole is right in stating that Islam and Christianity reject all other Gods except their own, and that there is no sense in adding them to the Hindu Pantheon. Allah and Jesus Christ won’t tolerate others’ Gods as they reject the belief that all Gods are manifestations of the one and the only Supreme Being.

2. All religions (including Islam) lead to God.
Yes, this is the view of Hindus as propounded by our preceptors (i.e., sages) and expounded in the four Vedas. But the Semitic religions (esp. Islam and Christianity) reject this view outright and insist that their religions alone lead to their respective Gods. It is incumbent on their followers to destroy the ‘other’ Gods, so that the whole world comes under the spell of their religion (Gods). It is important here to note that they are not ready to give this ‘right’ of destruction of other Gods to Kafirs (i.e., Hindus). It is ‘one way traffic’ for others.

3. Islam is good, but Muslims are bad.
Here also, Dr. Godbole is right in saying that Muslims are bad because of Islam, which teaches its followers to hate other religions, and gives specific commands to destroy ‘them’, lock, stock and barrel. This is being taught in all the Madrasas even today, where children are educated about the ‘important’ aspects of Islam. So when they become adults, they exhibit this tendency whenever there is a riot, or a procession of a Hindu deity on the thoroughfares. It is this mindset that makes Muslims demand a separate state exclusively for their own use, bereft of Kafirs.

4. If Muslims are told of their common ancestry they will unite with the Hindus.
This is the presumption of Hindu leaders, who are ignorant of KORAN (holy book of Islam). It is a sort of wishful thinking, a day-dream, a hallucination.  For Muslims, the pre-Islamic period is a period of darkness (Jãhiliya). The Koran especially asks its followers to sever all pre-Islamic connections, (i.e., social, cultural, familial, religious, etc.) and stick to the tenets of Islam (read Koran). Pray, how many Muslims claim that their ancestors were Hindus and that they are proud of it? Even the Prophet cursed his parents for not accepting Islam, and prophesied that they would go to hell.

5. Congress used Muslims. Congress treats Muslims as vote banks. We (BJP) will treat them as human beings.
Muslims used Congress to achieve their goal (i.e., Pakistan) because they never considered Bharat as their Motherland’, and had no compunctions in dividing it. For them, their Motherland (or Fatherland) was (is) outside Bharat. They behaved as if they were the mercenaries of Arabia and fought for its religion and culture here. Even now, if it rains in Arabia (or some other Muslim country), they open their umbrellas here. They are the paid agents of oil-rich Arabs, and do their biddings for a pot of gold. So whatever the BJP does for them, does not bind them a wee bit, and they will not hesitate to cut their fellow countrymen as they are all Kafirs, fit for elimination from this earth.

6. Sufis are tolerant Muslims.
This is the greatest hoax that is still doing its rounds in this country. Hindus are gullible, and anybody with a beard and a rosary in hand suffices for veneration. This is what the Sufis did and the gullible Hindus prostrated before them seeking their blessings etc. Actually, they were the clever minstrels of Islam, in the garb of piety, bhakti etc. to attract the gullible Hindus to their fold. Can anybody tell of one Sufi who propagated the great truth that all roads lead to the one and the only Supreme Being, that Ishwar and Allah are the same, and that there is no necessity for conversion. They were the fiercest preachers of Islam under the patronage of Muslim kings, and resorted to largescale conversions and Hindu-baiting. They were the wolves in the garb of goats.

7. Muslim leaders are responsible for the ghetto mentality of Muslims.
No. It is Islam that is responsible for this mentality to develop in Muslims. Islam teaches them to be ‘away’ from ‘Non-Muslims’ (i.e., Kafirs - Hindus) in matters of social intercourse, commerce and cultural activities. Kafirs are a hated lot in the Koran which advises Muslims to be away from Kafirs and to live in ghettos so that they can show that they are different from the Kafirs. Why not read the Koran?

8. Namaz offered in a disputed site (like Ayodhya) is not acceptable to Allah.
This is a misconception. Muslims never bothered about it. Because the Prophet himself occupied Mecca (a Pagan site till then, with a lot of idols) after destroying all the idols and then ordered his followers to offer prayers to Allah. He set a role model for his followers to follow. The Indian Muslims during the course of a millennium destroyed thousands of temples (including Somnath, Ayodhya, Mathura and Kashi) and built mosques and offered prayers. According to the Koran the destruction of Kafirs’ temples is one of the pious acts that pleases Allah most.

Sarva Panth Samãdar Manch

1. If it includes only non-Semitic panths, then there will not be any problem.

2. But if it includes the Semitic religions also, then the trouble arises, as these religions don’t recognise the existence of other religions, and if other religions exist, they want their total elimination from this planet.

3. And if the Manch is targeting Muslims, then, as Dr. Godbole says, it becomes naive and futile. Islam does not believe in ‘Sarva Panth Samãdar’ as per its holy book. The life-blood of Islam is its intolerance and hatred towards other religions; if it comes under the Manch it has to dilute this cardinal rule and it is not for it. Hindus may fool themselves by saying that Islam is a religion of ‘peace’. Yes it is a religion of ‘peace’ for its followers (with the exception of Iraq, Iran, Pakistan Afghanistan etc), but for Kafirs it is a religion of ‘PIECES’.

All in all, Islam (so also Christianity) is a predator religion, which preys on non-Muslims to its heart’s content. How it can be a member of the Manch is anybody’s guess.

One can come to the conclusion that like Gandhiji (note his monkeys), the Hindu leaders remain stubbornly ignorant of Islam, and the pity is that they don’t want to learn even at this late stage. They have only to open the Koran (and the Bible) and read, and they will understand the inherent strength of Islam (i.e. hate, intolerance) and its mindset.


The writer is from Paramakudi in Tamil Nadu.

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