45. R. C. Waswani

1. Yes, we would not mind including Jesus and Muhammad to the list of 33 crore Gods if they include one of our Gods to their’s. Tolerance cannot be a one-sided affair. Why do we have to do that in the first place? Let them live their religion, whatever that is, and let us live ours. Tripping on our religion at the drop of a hat, should be put to an end. Let the Kaba be opened first to everyone.

2. All roads lead to GOD. All right, let people take their individual roads. Why try to build a highway on Hindu territory only, and at Hindu cost? We are open to criticism; let everyone else first be open to similar criticism and then only a spontaneous response would emerge. Not now. Religion is absolutely a personal affair. Why then thrust upon us something we don’t need? No one should carry anyone else’s cross. Islam and Christianity are diagonally opposed to Hinduism. One is uphill, the others downhill. Or else these religions would have grown on their own and not with the help of sword and torture. These religions are basically not in consonance with basic human nature. These are always propagated by force, hence must die sooner or later.

3-4. Muslims of pre-Islamic era were idol-worshippers. (Probably) Indus Valley Civilisation had its reach there. The wheel of history is yet to take its full turn. By then Islam would have died away with the Muslims. Muslims with or without Islam cannot be subject of rational thinking. Hatred is the very essence in Islam, hence Muslims even if they renounce Islam would take a few centuries to abjure hatred. Even if they become Hindus, it would take them a very long time to cultivate love, compassion tolerance and Ahimsa. Unless each new-born Muslim is put to Hindu incubation, Muslims are unlikely to change.

5. Muslims understand one thing absolutely clearly i.e. ‘power’. If they have power, they would use it brutally. It they do not have it, they would surrender to power. The past eight centuries bear testimony to it. They ruled India with brute power and lost to the English who were a greater power. The Congress was a weakling from the day one and always ready to compromise for petty gains. Muslims exploited the Congress at every step and opportunity. They continue to do the same. The community/religion is devoid of discipline and inner strength, hence its followers shall always be looking for ‘power’ by riding piggyback. BJP should treat them only as citizens and nothing else. Let religion be kept out of BJP’s political planning. They may appeal to individual groups on other matters.. The time has come when even religious appeal has lost its shine. Deeds of Muslims are now quite well known. Let Muslims join BJP as a political party and nothing else. Congress will die by carrying the cross of these religions. Let it die. BJP cannot be kept out of power for long any more, even if all the parties join together, because others lack clarity of objective.

6. A stray instance could not be subject of serious analysis. Sufis are Muslims too.

7. It is partly true that Muslims could never produce mass leaders. They lack the ability to unite. They lack discipline. Only a tangible benefit could unite them temporarily and hence even the leadership is temporary. Seizing power is the only goal with Muslims /Islam. No leader is ever accepted for long. Every leader is thrown out brutally after a while. Muslims cannot trust anyone. I repeat ‘anyone’ because every Muslim knows that he cannot be trusted either. Hence nothing goes democratically with them for long.  Muslim leadership has never given any positive direction to their followers. Because, they cannot. Their religion is such that love and trust is their last priority. Hence ghetto mentality is not thrust upon them but is inborn.

8. There is not a single tenet in Islam which is not violated by them. It must only suit their requirement. Nothing is important for them but the need of the hour. They violate most of the tenets of the Quran and do not follow the Sunnah. Even Sunnah itself is allowed to be interpreted in various ways to suit passing purposes. Most of the fatwas issued are contradictory and guided by self-serving purposes.

Why go on trying to appease Muslims after all these years of experience? They would destroy whatever is built by BJP/RSS if they are allowed to assimilate. Look at what Sikandar Bakht did when it came to the crunch. And what did Arif Beg do when it came to the crunch? And all this even after a quarter century of assimilation!

Every effort should be made to subject them to rule of law and discipline. In the course of time they may change. But a hundred years would be too soon.

The letter by Dr. Godbole to Shri K.S. Sudarshan

So much energy has been wasted in the past two centuries to convey to Christianity and Islam that all men are basically divine but, alas! to no avail. They continue to maintain their exclusivity. By the way, what are we likely to achieve from this new body of Prajna Bharati at Pune? Are we convinced that a scorpion can be trained not to bite?

In fact, what we are trying to achieve, Islam will achieve by moving in the reverse direction. They will destroy themselves rather than adapt to a Hindu way of thinking i.e. love and compassion. Centuries of hatred for Hindus has pushed even the Quran, Hadis and Sunnah into rear for most of the Muslims. For them, hating Hindus and India is far more sacred than the Sunnah. Expecting them to change would be highly illusionary. Even if a handful of them do change over a period, is the effort really worthwhile?

Islam must die under its own weight like Marxism. Then why waste our energy? The same could be used for educating lesser mortals in humanity and nationalism. Why are Hindu organisations worried about Muslims? Why don’t they think of India/Hindus instead? Let whoever finds Hindustan attractive come and be a part, rather than persuade/goad them to come and get reformed.

RSS should concentrate only on its organisation and help overt/covert efforts to overthrow the Congress/UF regimes. The nation has had enough of them. Now is time to throw the yoke, to combat the menace of unscrupulous politicians raping the motherland.

RSS please, stand up and awake to the need of the hour. Your mother is crying.


The writer is from Bhopal in M.P.

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