7. G.C. Chaudhary

Dr. Shreerang Godbole has actually given vent to his deep anguish which is gnawing at the heart and mind of the Hindu intelligentsia today. He has spoken THE TRUTH - may it be bitter.

I am writing these lines not only from my knowledge but from my experience and from what I have seen, and the events of recent past which I have lived and borne.

Muslims of India propounded the two nation theory purely on the basis of Islam, the only true religion. They claimed that they had a ‘different’ culture, tradition, language, living and that they could not co-exist in Hindu-dominated India. Jinnah declared, “If the Congress wanted war, Indian Muslims will accept the offer unhesitatingly. We shall have India divided or India destroyed.” Muslims ultimately succeeded in partitioning the country gaining Pakistan. So what remained was naturally Hindusthan. But the majority of Muslim agitators who were from Bengal, Bihar and U.P., stayed back with their mental aberrations intact.

The fundamental tenet of Islam is hatred for all other faiths and destruction of all KAFIRS: for all religions except Islam are false, Darkness (Jahiliya). For Islam, civilization begins with Mohammad’s messages received direct from Allah, the only true God. Islam recognises only one book, the Quran, and only one and the LAST messenger, Mohammad. The messages were deleted, substituted, and were sometimes received even from the SATAN, leading astray the message and the Messenger. Since Allah spoke for the last and all times to come, Islam brooks no change, addition, alteration, re-definition, or re-interpretation. It is a closed door. Every one not accepting the message, - even those who have not heard of it - is condemned to Hell Fire eternally. To annihilate the KAFIRS and destroy their places of worship is JEHAD, Holy War, with confirmed reservation in Heaven for those waging it.

These tenets are continuously being propagated by MUSLIMS, taught in minority schools - the Madarsas - and every Muslim child is brainwashed into this psyche. They want DARUL ISLAM. See the world map: India is the only KAFIRISTAN on this side of the globe, so grab it by any means whatsoever.

Hindus are complaisant; the so-called secular leaders are wooing the Muslim vote as if the history from 1885 is no guide. Muslims are ever demanding concessions and are getting them.

The Constitution of India is not applicable to Muslims. Article 44 envisages Uniform Civil Code. But Muslims are opposed to it. Article 25 is for reform of Hindu religious bodies only. While Hindus are subjected to continuous inroads into their religion, culture, tradition and usages by innumerable legislations, Muslims are exempt. They actually have a privileged status and they demand more; they are insatiable.

Hindus do not need any intermediary to achieve God; they do not need sermons from the Macaulay-breed intellectuals and so-called secular leaders, for Sanatan Dharma, commonly called Hinduism, declares: EKAM SAD VIPRÃH BAHUDHÃ VADANTI - Truth is but one, propounded differently by various Teachers. This, however, does not apply to Islam for it teaches not God-realisation, but achievement of HEAVEN, and negates all other paths except the one propagated by Mohammad.

With this fundamental difference between Hinduism and Islam, where is place for SARVA DHARMA SAMABHÃV or SARVA PANTH SAMÃDAR? It is a slogan born out of ignorance of history and known facts. Everybody seems to preach to Hindus to bow down, to cower, to surrender to the Muslim might in the hope of gaining power and earn the distinction of being SECULAR.

Let facts speak. Though Gandhi proclaimed that India would be divided over his dead body, he succumbed to partition. Jinnah agreed to transfer of population - a very natural corollary to Pakistan - but the Congress did not, for it claimed to represent all communities. At the time of partition Hindu population in N.W.F.P., Baluchistan and Sindh was 8%, 12% and 25% respectively. All were driven out. In West Pakistan Hindus comprised 23%, now they are 3%, while in Bangladesh the 29% has come down to 12%.  The Hindus who are still staying back have a life well described and documented in the book LAJJÃ; they virtually live in Hell - under constant terror.

The gradual decline of Hindu culture, religion and unity pained and inspired a sage, Dr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar, to found R.S.S. on 27 September 1925 with five Swayamsevaks at Nagpur. The basis was DHARMA and SANSKRITI. The object was CHARITRA NIRMÃN and SHISHTA SAMÃJ - the building of a good society through building of individual character. Has the GOD FAILED? Has the policy been reversed?

Gandhi called R.S.S. “a communal organisation with a totalitarian outlook”. There is no democracy in the R.S.S., it is true. But men of the highest integrity sacrificed brilliant careers and joined the Sangh with a mission to organise the nation - an undivided nation and a powerful nation (RÃSHTRA). They unflinchingly worked for it. The R.S.S. delved into Indian history and discarded Negationism. One aspect of appeasement has been to negate the genocide, atrocities, conversions, destruction of temples and seats of culture and learning by the Muslim invaders and rulers which, to them, was JEHAD, Holy War. No nation negates its history. Only the other day the B.B.C. had a full report on the anniversary of the Nuremburg war crimes trials. The Japanese remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki every year. The Jews have recorded the atrocities perpetrated against them in various European countries. But the Ruling Class in India is prepared to negate, even falsify history.

There has been a slow but marked decline on physical and intellectual levels of R.S.S., specially the lower echelons. They are ignorant of or have not assimilated the basic tenets of R.S.S. The higher ups also pay routine visits, deliver lectures, and consider their duty accomplished. They seem to be less interested in their own organisation, but are very active in politics.

The B.J.P. which has its roots in Jana Sangh is also deviating. It has of late become more vote-conscious. Power seems to be the aim, the ultimate goal; means and principles can be ignored.

This is the picture of India today. Hindus, with one and only one geographical area for habitat, have reason to be concerned.

The framers of secularist SLOGANS should first read the Quran and the Biography of Mohammad to understand the Muslim psyche, thought process, religious tenets, injunctions and aims. They will then understand that Islam has no compromise with anything which is not as incorporated in the Quran. The need to change is for the Muslims. They are aware of the lust and weakness of Hindu secular politicians, and are playing a balancing game for gaining ascendancy. They are nobody’s vote bank. All Hindus from the Kashmir Valley were driven out and no tears were shed by the secularists. Everybody is busy in winning over the Muslims.

It is high time that the Hindu masses are appraised of the real dangers threatening their very existence. This can be done and the process accelerated by R.S.S. A movement of mass contact can be and should be launched. The R.S.S. can speak freely and frankly for it does not need any vote bank. Framing of appeasing slogans is a dangerous exercise.

The B.J.P. is diluting its stand. It was Gandhi who conferred the title of Qaide-Azam on Jinnah, but to what effect? Nothing helped, for Muslims are a determined lot with only one aim - DARUL ISLAM. Let Hindus see the truth and not put themselves on the road to total annihilation.

Time is indeed for stock taking. Once the Muslims are convinced that Hindus are not a divided lot and are prepared for, the ultimate sacrifice to save their country, religion, culture, and traditions, they will cease to create trouble. Hindus will have to be assertive. Let Muslims live in India as any other citizens with all the rights even though they got their share in shape of Pakistan. But Hindu tolerance is being misinterpreted as weakness and Muslims have become more and more aggressive, intolerant and demanding. They should forget - LAD KE LIYA PAKISTAN, HANS KE LENGE HINDUSTAN.

Most of the present leadership in the non-B.J.P. parties did not witness the conditions before or during partition. The communal parties like Muslim League and National Conference and mushroom parties like B.S.P., S.P., J.D. combine to keep the B.J.P. out of power. The nation is secondary to all non-B.J.P. parties today, least realising that they are working for total destruction of themselves.

A point naturally arises as to why the B.J.P. is untouchable for all? Why every political party wants to keep away from it? Though the answer is there in the foregoing paragraphs, a little further examination is needed.

B.J.P., originally Jana Sangh, got its present name after the Janata Party into which Jana Sangh had merged, disintegrated. Jana Sangh was purely a party of Hindus. B.J.P. expanded its base and today admits members of all religions including Muslims. But the Muslims are still wary of it and mistrust it. There is a general feeling that it is controlled and guided by the R.S.S. This belief gains from the fact that most of the top leaders belong to the R.S.S. cadre. The R.S.S. controls and guides other organisations like V.H.P., Bajrang Dal, Vidyarthi Parishad etc. The R.S.S. deputes Swayamsevaks to the B.J.P. also. Thus these organisations present a picture of expansion of the R.S.S..

Since the B.J.P. has also deviated and diluted its stand, people have begun to equate it with other political parties and not essentially a party with a difference. The B.J.P. instead of becoming vote conscious should have a clear cut programme in National interest. The party has become almost silent on the issues of Ram Mandir, Kashi and Mathura. The B.J.P. should woo Hindu votes. This is the only alternative to save the country left to us. It should give a call for aggressive Hinduism for it is their land and any claim for further partition etc. has to be resisted and fought. Slogans are not going to convince any Muslim but may misguide Hindus.


The writer joined Bihar Labour Service in 1942 and retired as Joint Labour Commissioner in 1980. He worked as District President of the VHP in Madhubani, Bihar, from 1989 to 1992 when he resigned from the organisation in utter disgust. At present he is active as a member of the District Executive Committee of the BJP in Madhubani, where he lives.

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