8. S. K. Dalvi

I received a pamphlet from you entitled “Time for Stock Taking”.

Since 1930 I have been a devotee of Hindutva, having been in association with the people who at that time used to be called ‘Savarkarites’ at Ratnagiri.

Although I did not/do not possess the qualities of a leader, writer or an orator, since then I have contributed to the cause of Hindutva according to my capacity, even at the cost of being teased sarcastically as a Votary.

I have gone through the two documents incorporated in the said pamphlet, and with reference to the topic in general I have to offer a certain line of thinking which may help in forming the accurate concepts which the whole idea of Hindutva and Hindu Nation consists of.

To begin with, let us take the codified Hindu Law. Although straight away it does not state who a Hindu is or give the definition of a Hindu, in Sec. 2 it declares to whom the law becomes applicable. After enumerating several sects born within the borders of our motherland, the legislation specifically states that it is not applicable to Muslims, Christians, Jews and Parsis. The law was passed by our Parliament after careful deliberations. It clearly means that every person whose system of worship springs from this land is a Hindu, and that the one whose system of worship is born outside the borders of our country is not a Hindu. This law is passed and enacted as the Personal Law of Hindus, but the fact that a person whose Matrubhoomy (Motherland), Pitrubhoomy (Fatherland) and Punyabhoomi (Holyland) are here in this country (including the territory of Pakistan artificially carved out) is a Hindu, has to be conceded. Every such person has been assigned the nomenclature ‘Hindu’.

All the ingredients that constitute a Nation relate to Motherland, Fatherland and Holyland. In the case of Hindus who constitute over 84% of the population, all these features fall in their own land. Hindus are, therefore, a full-fledged Nation and not a truncated one when juxtaposed against any other State which may be called a Nation but which is not Holyland, i.e. Punyabhoomi. Every other nation (except Saudi Arabia) has its Punyabhoomi outside the borders of its territory. This is the unique position to indicate that the Hindus are a superior Nation. Unfortunately, however, this fact is neither known nor understood by majority of our people. Any acknowledgment of this fact is abused as communalism or fundamentalism as if it is a sin to have taken birth in such a setting of superior status.

It should be noted that although the name of the world organisation is United Nations, the condition prescribed for its membership is ‘an independent sovereign state’ and not ‘Nation’. Its membership consists of States only and not Nations. No full-fledged nation is available except the Hindus Nation and Saudi Arabia. All other members of the United Nations have only two elements, viz: Matrubhoomi and Pitrubhoomi.

Now, therefore, it is Hindus alone who constitute a full-fledged and complete Nation, which fact we should ever be proud of.

Pseudo-secularists in an attempt to build a composite State are denying the fact that Hindus themselves constitute a Nation. This idea of a composite State has given rise to “Sarva Dharma Samabhãv” and the like, a device to divert the attention of Hindus from the fundamental fact that they are the only full-fledged Nation. This will degenerate into division of political power equally amongst all religious groups amongst whom Hindus will constitute only 1/5th. Thus the statutory majority will be reduced to a statutory minority.

In view of the above, it is for the Hindus to find out without fear or favour the ways to constitutionally determine the status of the rest vis-à-vis the Hindu Nation providing reasonable protection but not permitting conflict with the fundamentals of the Hindu Nation, lest the Muslims who have virtually covered a substantial ground capture political power by vertically partitioning the Hindus under the pretext of ‘social justice’, reservations being the effective instrument in that direction.

Only a few people are aware of the fact that the Muslims controlled by their Personal Law Board have already demanded their separate Law Courts on district level, thus striking a severe blow to our Judiciary which is one of the organs of our SOVEREIGNTY, the other two being Legislature and Executive.

Hindus should not take these circumstances as a matter of course. These are the results of distortion and misinterpretation of the concept of ‘tolerance’ on the part of Hindus themselves.

Since Socialism has totally collapsed even where it was born, there is no reason why all leftist parties should not be disbanded and declared illegal. It is this clan of politicians which hates every thing that is Hindu.

The above views may not be appropriately responsive to various points mentioned in the said documents, but it is my conviction that any deviation on the part of Hindus from the above reality or any attempt at dilution of this stand, shall prove disastrous to Hindu posterity.


The writer is an Advocate in the High Court at Mumbai.

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